Tinderbox Poetry, (an erasure of hesiod's theogony so now it's about grade school)

Write About Now, August 2019 (Nothing But a Number) *video on youtube

The Mantle, August 2019 (but anyway, how are you)

The Mantle, August 2019 (i think i know more about the world than i used to)

Sybil, June 2019 (eyelet)

petrichor, April 2019 (sugar & pornography) *nominated for Best of the Net

Counterclock Journal, March 2019 (the context of rain)

Meat for Tea, March 2019 (my favorite jokes are all on girls) *purchase vol. 13, issue 1 here

Up the Staircase Quarterly, February 2019 (sestina for the boy who might have loved the ghost of me)

Slamfind, October 2018 (The Joke and the Noise) *video of group piece on youtube

The Mantle, August 2018 (nonbinosaurus rex) *nominated for Best New Poets

The Mantle, August 2018 (what do dogs know)

I Can Count to 10, February 2018 (All Geese Are Sad)

Drunk Monkeys, February 2018 (The Poem You Did Not Write For Me I Wrote For Myself)

Noble/Gas Quarterly, December 2017 (Confinement)

Noble/Gas Quarterly, December 2017 (Pain)

Drunk in a Midnight Choir, October 2017 (Notes Made While Waiting for the At-Home Pregnancy Test to Ripen)

Drunk in a Midnight Choir, October 2017 (How To Like It)

Red Eft Review, July 2017 (Grandma's Records)

Red Eft Review, July 2017 (Emergency Vet Clinic)

Freezeray, June 2017 (bipolar wizards get sorted twice)

Voicemail Poems, April 2017 (Model 3.5)

Gravel Mag Blog, January 2017 (Half-Life)

Eunioa Review, September 2016 (Dr. Worm)

Red Eft Review, August 2016 (Upholstery)

Yellow Chair Review, June 2016 (5 Times I Went To The Mall)

Voicemail Poems, April 2016 (Ice Water)

Uppagus, December 2014 (Self Less)

Melancholy Hyperbole, December 2014 (Something More)

Jersey Devil Press, September 2014 (We Burn The Formal Scarecrow)

Camel Saloon, September 2014 (Plunge)

Red River Review, August 2014 (No Reason)

Calamities Press, July 2014 (I Need a Strategy)

Napalm and Novocain, July 2014 (Deflation)

Melancholy Hyperbole, June 2014 (Crater Lake)

Buck Off Magazine, May 2014 (Remote Control)

Drunk Monkeys, February 2014 (Without a Trace)


Port Veritas (Portland, ME) 3/5/19

The Dirty Gerund (Worcester, MA) 11/5/18

Endopolis, Showcase (Easthampton, MA) 11/3/18

Strong Style Coffee (Fitchburg, MA) 10/25/18

Northampton Poetry, Vox Pop Team Feature (Northampton, MA) 10/2/18

PoetNY at the Bowery Poetry Club (New York, NY) 9/2/18

Poetic Vibe at Troy Kitchen (Troy, NY) 7/16/18

Broken Head Press Poetry Reading, Showcase (Malden, MA) 7/14/18

Unbuttoned Spoken Word (Easthampton, MA) 5/7/18

Slam Free or Die (Manchester, NH) 4/5/18

Gaylord Memorial Library, Showcase (South Hadley, MA) 2/1/18

Cantab/Boston Poetry Slam (Cambridge, MA) 12/20/17

Word Festival (Blue Hill, ME) 10/21/17

Emily Dickinson Museum (Amherst, MA) 6/1/17

Dirty Gerund Poetry Show (Worcester, MA) 4/24/17

Northampton Poetry (Northampton, MA) 2/7/17

Wagon Wheel Word (Gill, MA) 1/9/17

Greenfield Spoken Word Festival, Showcase (Greenfield, MA) 10/23/16

Lake House Poetry (Ashfield, MA) 3/14/16

Collinsville Artists Cooperative (Collinsville, CT) 2/13/16

Witch City (Salem, MA) 1/18/16


Winner, Northampton Poetry, September 2018

Pulp Slam Team, National Poetry Slam (NPS), Summer 2018

Northampton Poetry Rep, Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS), March 2018

Winner, Northampton Poetry WOWPS Qualifier, February 2018

Storm, Individual World Poetry Slam (IWPS), October 2017

Winner, Pulp Slam, September 2017

Northampton Poetry Team, National Poetry Slam (NPS), August 2017

Grand Slam Champion, Northampton Poetry Slam Finals, April 2017

Winner, Northampton Poetry, April 2017

Winner, Northampton Poetry, December 2016

Winner, Northampton Poetry, August 2016